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Where Did No Guarantor Loans Come From?

Once upon a time, it was rare to find loans that did not require guarantors. In fact, you can still take out an entire mortgage today with no need for a guarantor! Originally, guarantors were more often used for bills and particularly for tenants. If you were self-employed and trying to rent an apartment for example, then you might be asked to use a guarantor in order to give assurance to your landlord or to the property management company.

But gradually, guarantor loans are becoming more popular as more and more borrowers turn to this option as a way to get the money they need even where their credit rating might not be particularly positive. The problem is that not everyone has a guarantor willing to pay for loans they can’t afford on their own. Likewise, many people won’t feel comfortable to ask their friends and family for loans, which is very understandable.

How to Find No Guarantor Loans

Luckily, it is still relatively easy to find no guarantor loans for the most part. Most loans that you find online are not going to require a loan, even if more and more are gradually starting to take this approach. Rather, the main challenge will be to find no guarantor loans when you have low credit. That’s because a bad credit rating makes it harder to find loans, seeing as you’ll pose more of an apparent risk to potential lenders.

So what alternatives are there to using a guarantor? Good options include payday loans, title loans, instalment loans and guaranteed loans. Guaranteed loans are loans that usually involve using your home as collateral. This means that if you can’t afford to pay off the loan, then you could risk having your home repossessed. Title loans act the same way but using your car – and technically ownership will transfer to the lender as soon as you take out the loan.

Payday loans and instalment loans meanwhile are smaller loans paid back over a shorter time period and with higher relative fees. These often don’t require a credit check, meaning they’re open to more people. As ever, this is all about finding the right type of loan for your specific requirements; a guarantor is just one option.